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Genetic fail: The central dogma

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

This is part of The Matrix Series

You have the same amount of genes as a worm

the central dogma
"The biology of belief" by B.L.

the central dogma
"The biology of belief" by B.L.

The delusion that science has already answered the fundamental questions chokes off the spirit of enquiry. The illusion that scientists are superior to the rest of humanity means that they have little to learn from anyone else. They need other people's financial support, but they do not need to listen to anyone less scientifically educated than themselves. In return for their privileged position, scientists will deliver knowledge and power over nature, transforming humanity and the earth.
The materialist agenda was once liberating but is now depressing. Those who believe in it are alienated from their own experience; they are cut off from all religious traditions; and they are prone to suffer from a sense of disconnection and isolation. Meanwhile, the power unleashed by scientific knowledge is causing the mass extinction of other species, and endangering our own. The realisation that the sciences do not know the fundamental answers leads to humility rather than arrogance, and openness rather than dogmatism. Much remains to be discovered and rediscovered, including wisdom."
- Rupert Sheldrake "The science delusion."

If you found this interesting see my book review of "The science delusion" by the brilliant professor Sheldrake:

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