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The science of sunlight and health

Updated: Jul 25, 2022


This will be my scientific reference for why I do what I do regarding sunlight. How do I use the sun to improve my health? Find out in this short video:

To me the primary focus is always what works no matter what opinions exists or what the consensus is. I need to see and feel it help myself and/or patients effectively. The second is the science, and for me the most important thing is good science that makes sense from a evolutionary perspective. I do not have the knowledge to present the actual science myself, but I can present the best of what I have found in my extensive research and self-study (reading, listening and experimenting on myself).

Full spectrum sunlight is important for optimal health and longevity for as many different reasons as why non-native electromagnetism is bad. Full spectrum sunlight means the total spectrum of light present in sunlight outside when hitting your uncovered skin and eyes. In full spectrum sunlight there is from infrared to ultraviolet light and we need it all.

Much of what has been fed into the public consciousness about the dangers of the sun is, once again, driving by profits and by reductionistic science that does not translate properly into facts for a living human being in it's natural environment. Within my links the actual science is presented or referenced to.

Full spectrum sunlight reduces all-cause mortality

I can recommend everything about light from Dr. Jack Kruse, Dr. Alexander Wunsch and the Sunlight Institute.

Red + infrared light charges you (literally)

There is a fourth phase of water and it creates EZ (exclusion zone) that turns water into a battery. If the video disappears read "The fourth phase of water" by Gerald Pollack.

Infrared stimulates your mitochondria = more energy for all your cells = more energy for you.

Full spectrum sunlight optimizes circadian biology

Full spectrum sunlight is needed for optimal vitamin-d

If pharmaceutical companies could patent sunshine, would we even be discussing the best source of vitamin D? Of course not.

How do you build a solar callus nature's way?

The science behind how I escaped 28 years of paleness and got my nordic white skin able to handle more sun than most brown people:

Sunlight and the microbiome

"Kriben Govender (Honours Degree in Food Science & Technology) and Jame Shadrach (Honours Degree in Psychology) have a mind expanding discussion with neurosurgeon Dr Jack Kruse on how light may sculpt the microbiome and the implications for optimising your overall health today."

Full spectrum sunlight creates coherence

Read my personal experience here:

A scientific explanation by Dr. Jack Kruse taking from his facebook:

Sunlight is a calcium channel blocker that alters the firing rate of Voltage-gated channels on cells. Sunlight also liberates NO from the skin and circulatory system to increase the microcirculation flow. It also stimulates the production of RBC to carry oxygen to the colony of mitochondria in your organs.

DETAILS: This is done in a few ways with sunlight. UVA light = NO release = lowers BP and the blue light in sun balanced by red light also stimulates melanopsin relaxation of the arterioles in our skin. This one reason why just going outside reduces depression, viral illness, and anxiety because sunlight slows breathing.

Breathing indoors requires us to use suboptimal air which is not moving or mixing with the wind or interacting with the sun so its charge is lower. This poor oxygen level = pseudohypoxia = NAD+ drops = you age faster = More PVN firing = less vagal tone = you get sick quicker indoors. This is also why staying indoors during a viral pandemic is pseudoscientific advice. Getting in the sun is wise.

Since solar redox and oxygen tensions are linked can this help?

Sunlight causes a natural cardiac coherence for breathing. It offers more detail about the ways sunlight and meditation can augment breathing exercises that promote relaxation.

It turns out slow, deep breathing increases the activity of the vagus nerve, a part of the parasympathetic nervous system; the vagus nerve controls, and also measures the activity of many internal organs. When the vagus nerve is stimulated, calmness pervades the body: the heart rate slows and becomes regular; blood pressure decreases; muscles relax and they make more ATP per unit time. How does the brain change its metabolism when this occurs? The hydrogen-bonding networks in water are altered and this alters the use of pyruvate and lactate metabolism in the neuron/astrocyte complex. This directly affects the levels of NAD+ at cytochrome one.

When the vagus nerve informs the brain of these changes, it, too, relaxes by lowering PVN firing, increasing feelings of peacefulness. Thus, the solar technique works through both quantum mechanical, neurobiological, and psychological mechanisms that are all interwoven in our cells.

In 2017, for instance, Mark Krasnow of Stanford University and his colleagues showed in mice that a group of neurons that regulates respiratory rhythms (the pre-Bötzinger complex in the brain stem) controls some of the activity of the locus coeruleus, a region involved in attention, wakefulness, and anxiety. Breathing techniques may influence this seat of emotions by modulating the activity of the pre-Bötzinger complex.

What is the best time to apply slow-breathing techniques? One is during occasional episodes of stress like blue light stress or nnEMF exposure before flying or when you are forced indoors away from the sun.

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