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My first experience of pure bliss

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

My first experience of pure bliss

It was april 2019 and I was in Mexico at the eight color lake in Bacalar. I was there to build my solar callus and train my mitochondria, so every morning I would see the sunrise in my tan-through Kiniki shorts (my butt is still white as snow so I am not super convinced). I had found an isolated spot where I could reset my suprachiasmatic nucleus, chill and enjoy my big dose of infrared together with a bit too many ants.

I think it was the second or third time doing this that I was hit with, what I now would call, an extreme level of coherence. To read a plausible scientific explanation of my personal experience check out the section on the "The sun and coherence" here:

I went for a splash in the water and turned around to just observe and appreciate the amazing surroundings including two big lazy birds on a low branch. like them I succeeded, for the first time in my life I believe, in what Eckhart Tolle describes in "The power of now" as simply Being. Interestingly this happened before I knew about Eckhart, so I could not have been primed by his teachings. This lesson came from nature. Suddenly I was hit with such intense feelings of joy and peace that I started crying out loud. I remember thinking wtf just happened and then laughing out loud at the birds complete lack of interest in my life-changing experience.

“The doorway to Divinity is located and available as a direct experience in the exact split second of ‘now’ which is discernible between two thoughts.” ~ David R. Hawkins.

Or in the words of the lovely Eckhart Tolle:

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