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Save the children with full spectrum sunlight!

Save the children with sunlight by Sunlight Institute

A good series from Sunlight Institute with focus on children.

"To subject our children to sun deprivation is child abuse. It results in either lifelong or temporary children's diseases." - Marc Sorenson, EdD.

Part 1:

To save our children's health and lives we should be certain that they receive plenty of sun exposure. This will help prevent myopia.

Part 2:

Let's save the lives and happiness of our children by being sure that they obtain their safe sun exposure.

Part 3:

Protect our children by playing with them outdoors---without sunscreen!

Part 4:

Childhood diseases are directly associated with sun deprivation: Therefore, childhood death and disability can be due to lack of sun exposure!

Part 5:

Since sun exposure leads to vitamin D production, vitamin D levels may simply be a surrogate measurement for sun exposure.

Part 6:

Children’s diseases that are associated with sun deprivation are legion. So, how do I know this? Because my last five blogs discussed this topic, and I’m a long way from finishing the theme.

Part 7:

Childhood arthritis is becoming a pandemic. Proper nutrition and sun exposure can prevent it.

To learn how I use the sun to get more energy and stronger physical and mental health go to:

To read my blog on the science of sunlight and health go to:

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