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Monetary history and the fall of empires (Rome vs USA)

This two-part video is very informative and relevant for our current times. I believe the puppet masters knows this history and are trying to engineer this collapse and morph it into a global neo-feudal technocracy or in their own words:

At the moment I am reading Machiavelli's "Il principe" and just the other day I took special notice of this part in chapter 13 about mixed soldiery:

"And if the first disaster to the Roman Empire should be examined, it will be found to have commenced only with the enlisting of the Goths; because from that time the vigour of the Roman Empire began to decline, and all that valour which had raised it passed away to others."

So sound money enthusiasts give monetary debasement the blame and Machiavelli, a war and power enthusiast, blames debasement of the army so to speak. Perception alters reality :)?

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