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Bitcoin ressources

Updated: Jun 17

Information on Bitcoin I recommend

Here I will list some good ressources on bitcoin. If you want to know why I support bitcoin read my blog:

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Table of content:

What is bitcoin and how to get some?

Free course on the Saylor Academy

How to get started?

  1. Download a wallet like this on your phone for free.

  2. Buy some satoshis/sats on your phone or easy options like this.

  3. Donate sats to someone worthy ;) (click the hand with a heart)

  4. Understand the credo "stack sats and stay humble" (see below).

  5. Learn about seedsigner and hardware wallets from guys like this.

  6. Learn to buy on Bisq and keep stacking for peace and prosperity.

Most important of all: The credo


"The Unscrypted Podcast is an audio-enhanced version of Andreas’ most popular unscripted talks, where he explores Bitcoin and open blockchains at the intersection of technology, economics, and politics."

Unscrypted – aantonop (also on spotify)

Demystifying Bitcoin.

Session 1:Debunking "Bitcoin Wastes Energy"

Session 2:Debunking "Bitcoin Faciltates Criminal Activity"

Session 3:Debunking "Bitcoin is Unscalable"

Session 4:Debunking "Bitcoin Ownership is Concentrated"

Session 5:Debunking "Bitcoin Can Be Displaced Easily"

• Michael Saylor argues for Bitcoin

• How other companies will mirror his

• Why he is putting Bitcoin on his balance sheet

• Incentives for Bitcoin adoption

• Potential risks associated with Bitcoin

• Metrics to look at in testing their Bitcoin thesis

• Bitcoin valuation

• Bitcoin supply shocks & supply mechanics

• Why Bitcoin is a once in a species discovery

• Yield curve control

• Societal discontent

• Transition to Bitcoin

• Inflation and hyperinflation

• Blindspots Bitcoiners may have

• Will Bitcoin replace or overtake gold

• Bitcoin nodes

• Software wallets

• What is cold storage

• How the stock market could get repriced

• What a deflationary world would look like

• What would the price of real estate look like

• Why does the world need Bitcoin

• How money evolves in four phases

• The ownership distribution of gold and Bitcoin

• What is sound money

• Central Bank game theory

• How is Bitcoin's supply fixed

• What is crypto

• Who invented Bitcoin

• What makes gold valuable


"Bitcoin first: Why investors need to consider bitcoin separately from other digital assets."

Three reasons to invest:

  • Scarcity + network effect.

  • The halving cycle.

  • An ideal macro backdrop.

Bitcoins energy usage is not a problem:

  • Under­standing Bitcoin’s Purpose

  • Why Bitcoin Uses Electricity

  • Bitcoin’s Efficient Scaling Pattern

  • How Bitcoin Uses Other­wise-Wasted Energy

  • Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work vs Alter­na­tive Methods

  • Final Thoughts and Summary

"Bitcoin is the perfect option, and central banks will have to buy in":

  • If you own zero bitcoin, you are exposed to insurance risks that are huge relative to the costs of the insurance. Every investor with exposure to short volatility biased assets, as well as all investors who require the ultimate in insurance protection against a global fiat collapse, need to hold a portion of their portfolio in bitcoin.


"Inventing bitcoin:

The technology behind the first truly scarce and decentralized money explained."

"The Bitcoin Standard: The decentralized alternative to central banking."

"The Fiat Standard: The debt slavery alternative to human civilization."

I don't know who made that video so cannot give the credit it deserves :)

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