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How to offset tech damage? Seafood/sun.

Below is a comment by neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse to this study:

nnEMF = non-native ElectroMagneticFields.

The summary: Humans, especially kids, need qood quality seafood and full spectrum sunlight.

For more on my approach to health:

Seafood needs proper solar exposure as the key boost to brain health.

Modern kids addicted to tech screens are not getting in enough SN-2 DHA and being bombarded with nnEMF and blue light all day long ruining the Bazan short loop in the eye. The result? Dehydrated cells and loss of DHA from tissues via melanopsin damage caused by liberated vitamin A. The liberation of Vitamin A has many collateral effects on feedback loops. It will destroy all the chromophore photoreceptors and lower the efficiency of the conversion of 7 Deoxycholesterol to Vitamin D irrespective of how much sun a kid gets.

Their brains are more sensitive than adults because of a lack of myelin which results in more frequent headaches and migraines. Now schools have cell towers on them steepening the risks. Headaches are now common in back to school times because of the combination of WiFi and artificial light. They affect the surfaces of the eyes and the skin. Get your kids skin covered in class and consider getting them partial blue blockers like Luciaeyes at their website (LIGHT20 is discount code). Monitor their sleep time and efficiency with cortisol and melatonin assays or polysomnography. We use EEG/ERP too.

The worse it gets the more these kids will develop skin conditions, stomach aches, asthma, and migraines. Artificial light in combination with WiFI will alters ubiquitin proteins in your kid making the more serious chronic diseases more common in children = cancer, suicide, autoimmunity etc. What are you missing about ubiquitination? The energy and information contained within the wave (light or electromagnetic wave) is the only things that determines an electromagnetic radiation's power.

That power is translated into biology by a protein called ubiquitin. Ubiquitin is a circadian gear (another feedback loop) like protein to the circadian clocks in all of us. Time manifests or disappears (flow meter of entropy) based upon that fundamental interaction of light on atoms on our surfaces: eye, skin, and gut. (Topology) When this occurs the next step to look for is altered sleep and expect to see a drop in your child's cortisol & melatonin levels. When children lose the ability to make mitochondrial melatonin they will get chronic diseases that adults used to get.

These chemical feedback loops of the circadian clock are rarely checked by docs but you can check them yourself via an at-home test. If you see an abnormal result you will then know your kids are heading to learning issues at school and altered hormone panels. Why? CORTISOL. Altered cortisol leads to lowered oxygen levels in your blood. We call this pseudohypoxia. What does pseudohypoxia mean to our hormone panel? The cost of a high aerobic capacity is low fertility so that we can maintain our cortisol pathways from LDL and Vitamin A as I mentioned in the Hormone 101 blog. This is why so many teens have altered sex hormones and why infertility is exploding in young people. This is why the pregnenolone steal syndrome exists. Cells in children rarely had to choose cortisol over sex steroids in our evolutionary history because kids did not face the alien environments of light they face today.

This light often causes more hormone production at the wrong time leading to precocious puberty and its attendant long-term problems of higher cancer rates in sex organs.

Why do these things happen? Light changes the charge density of proteins in a cell and the buffering effect of melatonin from the child's mitochondria is no longer there to buffer the effect. As a result, oxygen delivered to a child's mitochondrial is not properly controlled and too little or too much oxygen can be delivered based on the light abuse present. Remember oxygen is the terminal electron acceptor in human mitochondria and its incomplete oxidation leads to ROS. Too much or too little ROS = disease.

So when cortisol drops chronically in kids this tells you that their environment is not allowing you to effectively utilize oxygen in their mitochondria as a terminal electron acceptor. What does that mean in English? It means your ubiquitination levels are raised and your mitochondria are pseudohypoxic. Too little oxygen = not enough ROS. Many of these kids will go on to develop teenage and early adult diabetes.

To offset the risk, their mitochondrial will exhaust the endogenous melatonin to offset this risk. Once the mitochondrial melatonin is gone their kid's sleep will be disrupted and kids will then start using up their stem cell supplies. This will lead to early onset tissue failure for many of them. Because these kids are hypoxic this means they will begin to use other gases (CO, CO2, NO, H2S) to perform the tasks that oxygen used to when your environment was more optimized. This causes us to use too much NO, H2S, and CO. These cause collateral feedback loop failure.

These are sub-optimal choices and this leads to altered cortisol and overall hormone panels. All these changes lead to a lack of catalase in cells and altered ultraweak- UV light release in cells (too much) and all these sequential changes fuel this low fertility and low cortisol/melatonin levels. This skyrockets infertility in these kids. Many will have no libido and show little to no interest in sex as their eyesight fails.

When you begin to read all the details of the ubiquitin series you will see how pseudohypoxia plays into every mechanism of disease we have in biology and medicine and then you will see this is the huge problem our environment creates and it alters the optical non-linear communication pathways between the mitochondria and nucleus. Total failure of these optical pathways leads to many chronic with time. Other diseases can manifest prior to the total failure of the energy pathways. You can stop this by understanding how protecting yourkid's skin and eyes are. Getting your kids AM sunlight and feeding them DHA laden eggs really helps. Share this info with other parents. These are simple things you can do to protect our kids.

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