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Health and wealth

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Money and Goods Are Different

“Thus, clearly, money and goods are not the same thing but are, on the contrary,

exactly opposite things. Most confusion in economic thinking arises from failure to

recognize this fact. Goods are wealth which you have, while money is a claim on wealth

which you do not have. Thus goods are an asset; money is a debt. If goods are wealth;

money is not wealth, or negative wealth, or even anti-wealth. They always behave in

opposite ways, just as they usually move in opposite directions. If the value of one goes

up, the value of the other goes down, and in the same proportion. The value of goods, expressed in money, is called "prices," while the value of money, expressed in goods, is called "value."

  • Carrol Quigley, ”Tragedy and Hope: A history of the world in our time” chapter 5.

Wealth = goods, money = debt

Health = wealth

High value = what there is little of and demand for and/or one needs to live.

BTC = scarce and demand.

Health = a necessity and disease is expensive.

Value in the future = What is increasing demand for but less of.

The opposite = no value.

Personal wealth = The more you have of what you need in relation to what you do not have but need.. and others need?

Personal wealth = freedom = time to do what one desires.

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